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Apologies, everyone! 

I’ve gotten sooo many lovely comments (and even a few inquires about buying prints, ahhh thank you!!!) in my ask over the past week and I WILL respond once I get to a computer, I promise! However at the moment I am out of state visiting a friend’s relatives in Colorado (far away from the fires, rest assured!) and won’t be home for at least a week or so. Right now I’m forced to post from my iPod Touch, actually, so that also means no new art until then, sorry :c

Though I DID have an anon enquire about a print like I mentioned, and anon, I’m still trying to find a good place to sell prints (I hear Society 6 is nice?) but I would love to be able to sell you one! Hell, I’ll get it printed myself if I have too! Message me info and we can go from there! :D